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Ready to join NWYRA

and have your




  • Membership is currently CLOSED

  • Membership will open April 1, 2023 through May 06, 2023

  • After May 06, 2023, Membership will officially be closed for the 2023 season


  • A Parent/Guardian from each family is required to volunteer at every rodeo.

  • Membership Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • The age of Contestant eligibility is 4-18 years old.
    The exception being that the contestant is 19 years old, having completed their last year of high school (Contestant turned 19 during their senior year of high school).

  • Division is Contestants DOB as of January 1st of the current year.

  • Prior NWYRA Contestants will need to update their division and contact information.

  • If you are new to NWYRA, you will need to provide a clear copy of your birth certificate (proof of age) in order to complete your membership.  You will be able to upload this document during the online membership process.

  • If you have multiple children, **EACH CHILD IS A SEPARATE TRANSACTION**

  • As of 2021, NWYRA membership is online.  If you have been a member of NWYRA but did not rodeo in 2021 you will need a new membership and need to upload your birth certificate.

  • Once your membership information has been verified and processed, the Association Secretary will email you with your Member ID.  Once you have your Member ID you will be able to enter and pay for all NWYRA Rodeos using the Online Rodeo Entry System with a credit card

By clicking the following link, you can complete and pay for a membership


NWYRA is fully run by volunteers!

  • Volunteering is crucial in being able to put on rodeos for the kids.  Without volunteers, we can not rodeo.

  • If your child participates in NWYRA rodeos, parents/guardians are required to volunteer.


  • If you do not volunteer your child(ren) will not be eligible for year-end awards. 

  • Sign up for a rodeo and volunteering at the same time.   On line Volunteer Sign Up for each NWYRA rodeo will follow the Rodeo Entry Deadlines (Books Open/Books Close). 

  • At each NWYRA Rodeo the Event Directors report all volunteer names back to the Volunteer Director to track for year-end awards.

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