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Grand Entry is the exciting opening to each Rodeo Performance.

All the NWYRA Sponsor Flags are presented and carried in by selected Contestants, the

NWYRA Queen and Princess(s) makes their run-ins and our National Anthem is sung. 

Queen w Flag.jpg

Want to carry a Sponsor Flag?

  • If you would like to carry a flag in Grand Entry, you must sign up.  Please review the Grand Entry Procedures and study the Grand Entry Map to know your position.

  • Grand Entry is held at a safe and controlled pace. All flag carries should be aware of safety factors while participating in Grand Entry.

  • 15 minutes before Grand Entry, be saddled, ready with your flag boot to check-in with the Director for your flag assignment.

  • The Grand Entry Director will make all the decisions, including National Anthem, the order in how run-ins will be conducted, flag presentations and which contestants will carry specific flags at all NWYRA Rodeos.

  • Grand Entry Contestants must have their own flag boot. 

Are you interested in carrying a NWYRA sponsor flag in Grand Entry?

Visiting Court Royalty

The NWYRA Court would love to have their Sash Sisters join them at Grand Entry!

Please contact our Grand Entry Director/Court Director Amber Riesterer 503.569.1213

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